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Mountain Rendezvous Publishing Ltd.

Mountain Rendezvous Publishing is the exclusive publisher and representative for D.R. Laird.

Mountain Rendezvous Publishing brings many years of combined experience to you ensuring our products meet and exceed industry standards and the standards of our growing collector base. Our focus is to provide you with a quality product at a fair price. We take great satisfaction in representing Douglas R. Laird, realizing that our customers receive a truly high calibre of work.

We are a small company with a personal touch which keeps us focused on our goals. Working with Doug and his family has created more than a business for the partners of Mountain Rendezvous Publishing. It has become an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We have long term plans that include many exciting images along the way.

Mountain Rendezvous Publishing is now in its tenth year of business. We are extremely happy and grateful for our success and sincerely thank everyone who has taken an interest in the Works Of Art by Doug R. Laird.

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